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The Spoiler-Filled RaspCat Summary Page

Too lazy or in a rush to wait for every episode of the Rasputin Catamite webcomic to come out, but aren't sure whether to buy the books? Here's Mike Podgor's abridged version of the entire Rasputin Catamite series by Rev. Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz and Loki Kaspari. If you like what you see, go ahead and buy the books!

Too long, didn't read - Dima dumps Ugly Alex for Zoya. Dima kills people, but the cops protect him, so Ugly Alex gets stuck with him. Tangent story that has nothing to do with the rest of the story. Lechy gets booted. Sasha is believed. Ugly ends up unhappy. Everyone seems happy except for Masha, who seems shocked by everyone. Sasha finds her sister. Dima gets jealous over Zoya. Shlomo gets blackmailed over Zoya. Dima survives homophobes and a suicide attempts, only to get away with murder again. Lechy does a ritual. Dima accepts himself for the monster he is. Sasha drops out, but has to gets in trouble with Shlomo until Zoya plays the beard. Magical stuff happens and Dima is forced to develop hygiene. The kids party in Moscow. Dima gets into the Olympic hockey team, but Ugly Alex does not. Lechy does something really stupid and gets in trouble with evil wizards and the mob. The kids finally play a concert only for their band to break up. Ugly finds happiness only to lose it. Sasha makes the ultimate sacrifice, sort of. THE END!


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