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Good Men

9th Jan 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Good Men
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Benjamin Benitez and Father Igor are sitting across each other in a private library on some fancy chairs. There are ostentatious New Year’s (Russian Christmas) decorations everywhere. Father Igor is a pale, silver-haired man with long straight hair, steel blue eyes and a messy beard. He actually has some obvious structural resemblance to Dmitri, except for the fact that his face is less round and his teeth are normal. He is wearing a black robe and a cross, but no headgear.

Benjamin is somewhat more stocky man wearing a more typical gray suit jacket and slack. Benjamin’s a Spaniard who comes across as a very nice guy with light brown hair and brown eyes. He has white gloves to cover the burns on his hands and a blue turtleneck sweater. Both men are in their fifties, are smoking cigars and drinking coffee.

Igor and Ben cheerfully shake hands before sitting down.
Happy New Year, Benjamin, my old friend.
Happy New Year, Father Igor.

Igor lights a cigar as he takes a seat next to a table with coffee service and cookies. Benjamin isn’t smoking.
How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve, Benjamin?
I was playing Father Frost to the wayward lambs of our fair city. We had a most wonderful celebration full of holiday joy, spirited music and a wonderful feast to fill the children’s bellies.

Benjamin is pouring himself a cup of coffee as the conversation continues.
With all the government cuts, we need more men like you.
Thank you.
How are things at the church, Father Igor?

I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve Mass. As you know, it’s only a few days away.

Of course.

Benjamin sips his coffee.
On a less pleasant note, I’ve heard some rumors about young Dmitri.
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Author Notes:

9th Jan 2021, 7:00 PM
And thus, we begin another chapter!
9th Jan 2021, 7:30 PM
Oh wow, I remember this comic! Looking forward to reading again and getting caught up.
10th Jan 2021, 9:24 PM
Thank you!

I was kind of a mess for a while. I had to deal with some batty stuff on social media, medical sexual abuse, in addition to my schizophrenia progressing to the point where I could barely remember my name. Thankfully, but I am much better now that I am permanently off Facebook. My mental health has been stabilized thanks to a great mental health team and home automation to aid memory care. I also got a settlement from the hospital where the abuse happened.

My husband and I are otherwise doing amazing, and I am nearly done posting the print editions of comics. Ram is still around and doing his own thing. I am looking to sharing my webcomics again and hope you enjoy them, as much as the team and I enjoyed making them. Thanks for stopping by!