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I Don't Care Anymore

8th Mar 2013, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
I Don't Care Anymore
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Skinny Cop with Gigantic Mole: http://eternalremont.blogspot.com/2009_02_01_archive.html (He needs to wear a leather jacket: http://www.englishrussia.com/images/moscow/moscow_city_subway/12.jpg)
Inside of a Russian police station: http://englishrussia.com/2011/01/17/forgotten-crimes-of-the-past-deserted-police-station/


A rather determined Ugly Alex dragging a passed out Dmitri through the snowy ground as he walks away from the bridge and into the nice side of town. Sasha is following him screaming. Lechy is carrying a very dead Suicide Girl in his arms.

NARRATION BOX: Three hours earlier.

SASHA: You can’t turn Dmitri in Ugly Alex! I’LL TELL THE COPS THAT YOU RAPE BOYS!


UGLY: I don’t care anymore.

The kids are waiting in the police station. They are surrounded by all manner of hungover looking men and hooligans. Ugly standing at the desk with the other kids. Dmitri is passed out on the floor. Lechy is still cradling the dead Suicide Girl in his arms. Everyone is surprisingly indifferent.

UGLY: I’d like to report a serial killer.
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