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Your Son's A Boy

1st Mar 2013, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
Your Son's A Boy
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Shlomo and Miri are sitting on the couch. Shlomo is wearing a stained yellow sweatshirt and looks tired. He is drinking straight out of a bottle of Vodka. Miri is cradling her sleeping baby.

SHLOMO: Miri my niece, I just got a disturbing phone call from Ugly Alexander about Curly Alexander and the vampire.

MIRI: [Surprised]
Sasha did something bad? Sasha is such a sweet little gi...


Shlomo glares at Miri.


Covers her face in embarrassment.

...Boy. Your son’s a boy.


Shlomo gestures with his arms while rolling his eyes up, looking completely irate.

SHLOMO: I’ve had it up to my ears with that self-mutilating mamzer!
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