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28th Sep 2012, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
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Sasha, Zoya, Ugly and Dmitri are eating pancakes with honey on them and a side of pickled herring. They are sitting on the floor, eating with their hands, using pot lids as plates. They are next to a large table with a rather motley crew of men and teenage boys eating with regular plates and using utensils. Lechy is 6’3”, very thin and has honey hair that is well styled. Dmitri looks famished and giddy at the sight of food. Dmitri is seated next to Zoya.

Lechy to Dmitri: Here you go Dmitri, extra fishes for your mental health.
Dmitri to Lechy: Yes!

Zoya is popping a pancake into her mouth rather nervously.

Zoya: Are all the Irkutsk homos who aren’t in jail having breakfast here or something?


Sodom towers over the seated Zoya. He is seen from the back. Sodom is wearing a long flowing black robe, blue paw slippers, blue paw gloves and a blue fur Rabbit mask that covers his entire head He’s wearing a black leather necklace cord with a silver charm that looks like a flower positioned like an inverted pentagram. He looks tall. Zoya’s expression shows bewildered disgust.

Sodom: We prefer the term queers. Welcome to our Refuge.
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