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Romantic Stuff

7th Sep 2012, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
Romantic Stuff
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It’s day time. Dmitri, Zoya, Sasha and Ugly Alex are hanging out on an alley, and leaning on the wall. They’re all wearing heavy coats and there’s a sprinkling snow on the ground. Dmitri has thick snow goggles is wearing a stocking cap with devil horns knit onto it. They’re passing a bottle of bootleg vodka along to one another throughout the strip. Dmitri is eating what appears to be a raw fish with fins and head still attached. Zoya is sitting next to him smoking a cigarette and wearing snow googles and a fur hood. Sasha is cutting designs on one hand and the hand holding the blade is covered in a mitten. Sasha is wearing a scarf, igaaks (http://www.igaaks.com/Gallery.html) and no head coverings. His jacket is considerably lighter than everyone else’s. Ugly Alex is wearing a thick coat with the fur-lined hood up and is smoking.

Ugly Alex who is at one far end, is glaring at Dmitri, who is at the other far end. Dmitri is passing the bottle to Zoya.

Ugly Alex to Dmitri: Dima, you're lucky I didn’t call the cops or tell my family about the killings!

Zoya swigs at the vodka with her cigarette on the other hand. She looks towards Ugly Alex.

Zoya to Ugly Alex: You’re lucky I didn’t torch your fruity ass with a Molotov cocktail.

Ugly Alex screaming towards Zoya while Sasha is pouring vodka over his cuts. Zoya is screaming back at him. Both are itching to fight.

Ugly Alex to Zoya: Hey vagina! You wanna piece of me?

Zoya to Ugly Alex: Bring it on cockmuncher!

Dmitri and Sasha are watching Ugly and Zoya beating the crap out of each other. Ugly Alex has the broken bottle. Zoya has a tire iron.

Sasha to Dmitri: That’s some romantic stuff.
Dmitri to Sasha: Yeah. I’m a sex god.
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