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I Need Vodka And Smokes

31st Aug 2012, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
I Need Vodka And Smokes
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The fat lady with big breasts, Auntie Root, appears in front of Zoya and comforts her.

Auntie: Oh honey, you’re a nice girl and your daddy is a very bad man.

Auntie hugs Zoya. Zoya’s head is smooshed into Auntie’s breasts. Zoya stares vacantly away from the chest.

Auntie to Zoya: You’re obviously a slut and an ignorant bigot. But, Dmitri helped you see the error of your hateful ways, and that’s all that matters to us.

Auntie lifts up Zoya as if she were a doll: Her expression almost screams, “Eureka!”

Auntie to Zoya: Why don’t you stay with us, sweetpea? The best way to stop being a prejudiced schmuck is to tolerate people who detest you.

Zoya seems annoyed as auntie holds her.

Zoya to Auntie: I need vodka and smokes!
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