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What Happened To You?

27th Jul 2012, 12:00 AM in Rasputin Catamite
What Happened To You?
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Inside a very cramped living room with crappy paintings hanging on the wall. There's a floral couch and a small cofee table. Miri is wearing a 1970's sweater and a headband with no makeup. Sasha looks innocently forlorn and is wearing a green sweater. Ugly Alex is carrying a passed out Dmitri. Ugly Alex is wearing the his coat, but his face is exposed and the hood is down. His expression is deadpan. Dmitri is passed out and being carried by Ugly Alex over the shoulder. He's wearing gloves and the coat here but no horned cap. Zoya is wearing a zipped leather jacket and seems chipper. Everyone is wearing blue jeans. Miri expresses shock as she stares at the group in disbelief.

Miri to the group: What happened to you?
Sasha (Crying): Shlomo beat me up. Ugly yelled at me for sneaking into a New Year's party. And, Dmitri got pummeled in a drunken party fight.

Miri crosses her arms and seems unimpressed.

Miri to Ugly Alex: Ugly, did you go to one of those crazy gay parties, again?

The 2nd word bubble is covering Zoya's chest as she lifts up her shirt and bra. She is cheerful and doesn't seem to notice that this might not be a good thing to do.
Zoya: [Bubble 1] I don't know about gay. I hooked with up with Dima. [Bubble 2] Check this out, I'm a girl!
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