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25th Feb 2023, 12:00 AM in May Day
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Frame 1
Masha seems simultaneously terrified and skeptical.

Lechy, you’re studying to become a pharmaceutical chemist. What kind of irrational nonsense is this?

Is science truly more rational than sorcery? We sacrifice animals to the gods of research every day, Masha. Pharmaceutical science is just another form of occult healing.

Frame 2

Please fetch my velvet collar with the kolovrat medallion in the basket.

The kolo-what?

Frame 3

It’s like a double swastika.

Frame 4
The word swastika disgusts Masha and upsets her.

Lech Merkachev, I’M JEWISH!!!
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25th Feb 2023, 12:30 AM
I mean, maybe it's one of those swastikas that has nothing to do with cringefail Nazis. The swastika can't help how they slandered its good name.

Although if it IS associated with the Nazi version, kiiinda questioning what Lechy is trying to do here...
25th Feb 2023, 4:53 AM
Lechy basically sees it as practicing his religion.Is what he's doing moral, sensitive or even wise? Honestly, this is one more thing of questionable morality to add into a gigantic cesspool of questionable morality.

A more in-depth answer will appear in next week's comic.