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We Couldn't Save His

5th Nov 2022, 12:00 AM in Scarlet
We Couldn't Save His
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Frame 1
Auntie Root, doing her job as a nurse, cleans and bandages Dima’s wounds from the suicide attempt and the fight with the dog. Other nurses are helping. They all wear gloves. He’s getting fluids intravenously. He is wearing a hospital gown.

How’s my friend from the team?

Dima, you are very lucky.

Frame 2

Five fatal dog attacks took place in town last year. Feral mongrels are becoming something of a problem with animal control budget cuts. At least, it’s not as bad as it is in Moscow, yet.

Frame 3
Dima seems deeply disappointed.

Root, that kid saved my life.

I’m sorry, sweetie. We couldn’t save his.
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5th Nov 2022, 12:50 AM
So historically, were feral dogs actually a bigger issue than usual back then, or is this particular to this setting's flavor of hell?
5th Nov 2022, 7:19 AM
It's cute that you're talking about this in past tense. Does this answer your question?
5th Nov 2022, 11:18 AM
Yikes! I suppose it does. Well, I guess practically everywhere has feral critters and wildlife to contend with. I didn't really question the existence of the dogs until nurse's dialog on this page, which made me wonder if feral dog attacks somehow had a boom during the Soviet era.

Like, my noggin was genuinely going, "Okay, the Soviet regime was ruthless and destructive, but...it couldn't have been responsible for that, too, could it? What insane domino effect leads from "Marx writes a manifesto" to "feral dogs ravage the cities?"