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Master of Shitmobiles

5th Mar 2022, 12:00 AM in Scarlet
Master of Shitmobiles
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The kids are walking in front of a building. They see a rather beat up Lada car, with the hood up and smoke coming out of it. There they meet Yanka who is flagging them and her friend with spiky brown hair, Flyura, stares at the engine.

Do any of you people know anything about fixing cars?

Lechy, Dima and Alex:

I can fix cars. I used to steal 'em for joyrides.

Hey, that’s pretty damn hardcore!

Yanka and Zoya shake hands.

My name is Yanka and my friend over there is Flyura.

Well, I’m Zoya the Master Mechanic of Shitmobiles, at your service.
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Author Notes:

3rd Mar 2022, 10:30 PM
See the redheaded Anarchist on this page. She is based on an actual punk singer who is believed to have been murdered by the Soviet government for singing songs that they didn't like and getting very popular doing it. On paper she committed suicide. However, between 1988 and 1991, a lot of subversive Soviet musicians were dying in absolutely bonkers ways. I only mention this because as someone who wrote 2.5 webcomic serials about the heinous things that the Russian government did to its own people, here's something y'all need to know:

There are young Russians fighting for the Ukraine, going AWOL and protesting their government. Most Russians in the US escaped that awful place and hate it. I beg everyone reading this comic to stop helping Putin by demonizing all Russians. This helps feed into Putin's lie that the war in Ukraine is not about freedom. We want these people to be on the side of liberation, not yet another radicalized group of enemies who are being manipulated by their leaders.

Ask me anything if you have questions.
5th Mar 2022, 8:29 PM
I was admittedly curious somewhat what you'd have to say about the current events, given your extensive knowledge of that whole history. The courage those protesters over there have is frankly astounding and I hope the vast majority of them live to tell the tale.

On a comic-related note, Zoya really doesn't have any shame or brain-to-mouth filter. And her admitting that she's a car thief to people having car trouble is only the second-most awkward move she's made today.
5th Mar 2022, 9:07 PM
My take: Putin was a horrendously ruthless KGB agent who was very good at his job, meaning that he mostly flew under the radar and was generally not well known. After "retiring" from the KGB when the initially anti-Soviet FSB wanted to get rid of the old regime, he promptly went into politics. There are credible rumors that he basically instigated the Chechnya War with hired Chechen thugs (that he probably hired) and strong armed Yeltsin out of office to grab power, and never really stopped. He has been systematically been regaining control of the former Soviet Union and went back on the denuclearization agreement Russia had with Ukraine. He's a slimy, power hungry weasel who is absolutely ruthless and has been historically gifted at making his opposition disappear, or die, even outside of Russia. Considering that he once promised to “grease (implication: pig grease) the (Muslim and Chechen) terrorists even in the outhouse” I found his claims of wanting to de-nazify Ukraine to be beyond laughable. Hi horrific track record with oppressing Muslim Chechens who didn't worship him, his treatment of sex and gender minorities, the systemic deculturalization and denial of full citizenship to Ruska Romani, turning a blind eye to anti-African racism and allowing his propaganda apparatus to do this nonsense, he has some damn nerve. The Russians standing up against him are incredibly brave, considering what the consequences for opposing him have been.
5th Mar 2022, 9:16 PM
Sorry for all the edits. Considering that I have both Russian and Ukrainian friends, I have a lot of feelings on this.

As for Zoya, she really has no filter. However, someone openly wearing an anarchy shirt in Soviet Russia is not likely to be a law abiding citizen, since that is a jailable offense.