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Can I Have My Prize?

Can I Have My Prize?
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Frame 1

Dmitri kisses the Mustachioed Skinhead. The latter looks a bit disgusted.

Frame 2

Mustachioed Skinhead eases into the kissing.

Did you learn to kiss like that in prison?

Mustachioed Skinhead To Dmitri

Frame 3

Dmitri hugs a still frightened Mustachioed Skinhead. The Mustachioed Skinhead seems resigned to the situation.

Mustachioed Skinhead
Can I have my prize?

Frame 4

Ugly Alex cowers in fear. Zoya walks backward, wide-eyed, holding the Molotov cocktail with a tampon stopper. Another skinhead flees the factory in terror. Dmitri rips the Mustachioed Skinhead's throat open. The bug-eyed victim gurgles as he coughs up blood just before his death.
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