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You're A Vampire, Ain't Cha?

You're A Vampire, Ain't Cha?
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Dmitri and the Mustachioed Skinhead stand next to a garbage can torch. Dmitri flashes a calm smirk and his arms are crossed. The neo-nazi looks terrified and he's holding a lead pipes. Both of his fists are clenched. The lighting is extremely uneven.

You don’t even know what the prize is, and you volunteer? I like that. I’m sure that you realize that your lead pipe won't do you any good. Running from me won't help you either.

Mustachioed Skinhead
You're a vampire, ain't cha?

Baby, didn’t you scream, "Fags?"

Mustachioed Skinhead
Yes, I did.

You’re cute.
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