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Shut Up...

Shut Up...
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Dmitri is directing his insults at Ugly Alex, but because of his irritation at the mass exodus, he almost seems like he's directing his insults at anyone within earshot. This of course enrages the a crowd of neo-nazi skinheads in front of them and alarms Ugly Alex. The section of the factory where they are at is dimly lit.

Yeah, well, you're a goddamned up three hit cunt. I'm warning you, sucking, flying, embroidered dickcunt. You need to go away like a climbing lizard! Ain't even 16 till midnight, and my b-day already blows.

Ugly Alex
Dude, shut up!
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Author Notes:

10th Jun 2021, 12:06 AM
Fun fact: That's an actual Russian insult.