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Bloody Pencil

21st Jul 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Bloody Pencil
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Frame 1

Close-up of Sasha looking bitterly at the cuts on his wrists by barely pushing down his uniform jacket and shirt sleeve and poking at them with a pencil.

Sasha (talking to self)
I bet Shlomo doesn’t even miss me at all. I can’t believe he paid off the schools so quickly.

Frame 2
A teacher male yells at Sasha, and is seen from the back.

Teacher: Alexander Solomonych Saatchyan, it’s your first day here! Be a good citizen and pay attention.

Frame 3
All of the kids (mostly Romani, Chukchi, Yupik and Buryat with some Ethnic Russians) in the crowded classroom glare at Sasha with disgust. Sasha looks humiliated.
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Author Notes:

10th Jun 2021, 7:41 PM
Not so fun fact: My pen name in high school was Bloody Pencil, a.k.a. VC-O/BP. I don't think you necessarily want to know why, beyond the gory rubbish I would often draw. This week's incentive directly relates to this week's comic, so please, give Chibi Sasha some love.

21st Jul 2021, 9:10 PM
School still haunts my nightmares to this day.
21st Jul 2021, 9:40 PM
Same here. SAME HERE!