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Soviet Apartment

23rd Jun 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Soviet Apartment
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Auntie is sitting on the couch brushing her daughter’s hair. She is dressed like a nurse. Her son is sitting next to her. Both are wearing school uniforms and they look cranky. Zoya is drinking vodka and and wearing suspenders, jeans, white shirt, and army boots on the couch. Grandma is ironing. Miri is breast feeding. Everyone else in the apartment, except for Shlomo are wearing factory jumpsuits and winter coats. Shlomo is wearing a closed coat with an apron slung over his shoulder. Everyone is the getting ready for work. Divide this into frames to show the scene if you feel it necessary. Don’t feel obligated to show everything.
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Author Notes:

23rd Jun 2021, 6:40 PM
I like this page. It's pure slice of life and Ram caught all the little details. He worked from photos of Soviet Kruschev apartments and did a great job capturing the vibe!

Thanks to the folks who have bartered or purchased stuff last week. So far, I've raised enough funds to buy all cartridges of color printer ink for the zines, homemade convention promo stuff, posters and cards. This means a lot to us here at Velvet Rasputin, because this will enable us to participate in some of the local art crawls, zine and comic fests next year. Making comics is one of my joys and I really appreciate the support we've gotten thus far.

On related news, I managed to get an insane rebate deal on top of a great sale at Staples for the oversize Brother printer here in our studio. (all three color cartridges for the price of one.) This puts us 50% of the way towards buying the black ink that we will likely need later in the year. There was a catch, however: In order to get the rebate, I needed a $75 order. To do this, I had to buy a genuine Pixma 15 Black ink cartridge (BCL-15) 2-pack. If anyone wants to barter art/craft supplies or spend $15, I will gladly ship it within the US - free shipping.

UPDATE: Both of the full RaspCat sets have been spoken for and I am sold out of the early books! This should help fund the majority of our domain names until March next year. This helps us keep them out of the hands of cybersquatters, so our old readers to find us regardless of who hosts us. If you still want a cool handmade upcycled bookmark, or want some autographed books (that will take longer to get,) please email vasATvelvetrasputDOTinfo or send a PM via ComicFury. I will be needing to raise funds for the business liability insurance that helps us be able to get into shows, sometime this fall, so we can still use the help over. COVID-19 slammed Velvet Rasputin hard, so we've been operating on 2019 funds. But don't worry, we've survived worse, an we're going to continue making awesome comic stuff for you!

Thank you, and see you next update.
23rd Jun 2021, 11:07 PM
I wish you luck getting the rest of the resources you need.

And this page has a nice mix of grime but also warmth to it. Feels very alive for lack of a better word.
23rd Jun 2021, 11:15 PM
Thank you. I am working on it.

Ram really captured a moment in the life and times of these folks That aliveness is palpable.