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The Kids Are Alright

9th Jun 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
The Kids Are Alright
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The kids light up as musical notes fly through the air. Ugly Alex and Sasha are playing along with their instruments. Zoya is playing air drums. Dima is banging his head with the horn hand sign to the air. Lechy is bopping along with a smile and his eyes shut.
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10th Jun 2021, 7:29 AM
OHHHH I wanna hear!
10th Jun 2021, 10:00 AM
I can somewhat make that happen! Kalorat actually has a Russian cover of Parabellum's "Guerra, Monopolio, Sexo" in this particular album entitled "Война, монополия, секс." You can hear the original version here. Aside from Urola (the female lead singer) starting the song with an accordion solo which leads to the intro drums, and the language difference, it's a pretty faithful rendition of Parabellum's song.

Here are the Spanish lyrics, and below is my sad attempt at Kalorat's Russian version.

Ублюдки! Пробирки, Тряпичные куклы.
Вы плюете пеплом в небо.
Апокалипсис наступил! Прямо сейчас.
Металлическая монополия, Воины ада.
У нас есть сила; бессмертие.
У нас есть власть над массами.
Сыновья Гефеста; боги из стали.
Война, монополия, секс.
Люди в панике, ярмарка клоунов.
Тысячи жителей в стране мутантов.
Их гильотинировали.
Их головы были брошены в реку.
Лица накрашенные, замаскированные, грязные.
Их будут судить, они будут наказаны.
Их будут осуждать и пытать на костре.
Наш злой разум все разрушает.
Загрязненная почва, крики тишины.
Когда луна умирает, она истекает кровью.
Сыновья Гефеста; боги из стали.
Война, монополия, секс.
Смерть продолжает жить; он голоден.
Человеческий род - его добыча.
Смерть удовлетворенно плюется кровью.
Смеясь, ха-ха-ха!
Их тела сгниют в черном асфальте.
Их души приговорены к рабству в аду.
У нас есть сила; бессмертие.
У нас есть власть над массами.
Сыновья Гефеста; боги из стали.
Война, монополия, секс.

In case you are wondering why Kalorat would make a cover of some obscure ultra metal song from Medellin, Columbia, remember Kameron's job and that he has to be fluent in Spanish for it. Here's a spoiler-free picture of the band minus the one member who isn't allowed to travel abroad from another comic of mine.
10th Jun 2021, 1:00 PM
Oh right on! I'm sure you wouldn't have minded trading bootleg tapes and small press records with the kids then had you been around them in 1988.

Thanks for sharing your band's EP!
10th Jun 2021, 1:14 PM
Haha I actually uses to do a lot of tape and record trading with other punks through some aol message boards way way back in the day and through a site called DIY Auctions. It was an awesome way to find bands from all over the world,
10th Jun 2021, 1:37 PM
That's actually really awesome! I'm so glad this installment has brought back such awesome memories.