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Messed Up Records

22nd May 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Messed Up Records
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Frame 1

Sasha is jubilant as he applies eyeliner while holding a compact. Lechy looks bummed as he takes off his lab coat.

The boarding school for gypsies and retards will be so easy. I won’t have to study at all.

Frame 2

Ugly Alex
Speaking of which, shouldn’t you be there, already?

Yeah, it’s January 7th.

Frame 3

His eyes are made-up Egyptian cat style.

Both schools screwed up the paperwork for my transfer. I probably won’t go to any school until Shlomo can afford the bribes to fix it.

Frame 4
Dmitri seems concerned while Sasha grins as he puts on a black dog collar.

Lechy and Ugly

Your records are always messed up worse than your hair.
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22nd May 2021, 7:21 PM
Ooh, burn!
22nd May 2021, 10:15 PM
And the sad thing is that I actually like Sasha's hair. But, I guess that's the eternal battle between the jock and the weirdo goth kid.
23rd May 2021, 7:24 AM
Saved by the paperwork!
23rd May 2021, 3:01 PM
Viva Bureaucracy!