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Frame 1

In the background, the man dressed up like the wizard rabbit is dancing with another man who looks to be in his early thirties, and another man cannot be identified easily. There's a shirtless man with wearing only jeans is dancing behind of a loving couple. The couple consists of a transvestite in his early thirties wearing a stylish coat, mittens, and a lush scarf being wooed by a baby faced fellow with a slender mustache, delicate features, a stylish sweater and holding a bottle of vodka. The boy and the creepy ephobophile are making out rather intensely, with the older man pulling the boy shirt up. Music is playing in the background.

Frame 2

Dmitri continues to make music scratching records.

Frame 3

Skinhead with Mustache To the revelers and the trio. Fags!!

An irate neo-nazi skinhead screams at the revelers in a menacing fashion.
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