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Why Do You Distrust Women?

17th Mar 2021, 7:00 PM in The Second
Why Do You Distrust Women?
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Frame 1
Do yooou haaave chiiildren?

Frame 2
Tsar becomes increasingly more melancholic as he holds a teacup in hand.

Tsar to Getter:
I have an adoptive son who is a little slow. He has a girlfriend that lives with us, but she’s visiting family. There are also two other children that I look after. They’re all asleep right now.

Frame 3
Getter is poking at her food. She is curious yet increasingly distant. Tsar mood remains pained though he is trying to look at Getter and get a grip on himself.

Getter to Tsar:
Whyyy do youuu distruuust wooomen?

Frame 4

Tsar to Getter:
I was a priest. I ended up in prison because two women I once regarded as friends lied about me.
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17th Mar 2021, 9:48 PM
He's being surprisingly forthcoming for somebody with trust issues.
17th Mar 2021, 10:01 PM
As a former sex worker and exotic dancer, I can't tell you how many people who had trust issues or secrets that they didn't want to tell anyone else, told me because I was a professional. I was there to provide entertainment as much as I was there to pretend to be someone who cared.
18th Mar 2021, 2:09 PM
So is she actually being good for him too? Getting him to open up?
Could be a friendship forming instead...
18th Mar 2021, 3:10 PM
It could be. She is a sex-worker, and as someone who used to do that kind of work, strangers who are afraid to talk to a therapist will talk to us.
18th Mar 2021, 5:01 PM
Could be, in this case it even looks like the "theraphy" might be good for both of them :-)
19th Mar 2021, 12:02 AM